Biographies of the Jacksdale Jotters

My name is Mike Biggs, retired/ released into the community a few years ago, now living in Selston in solitary splendour. I worked as a research scientist, sales/ marketing director, head hunter and ambulance driver. A dedicated 'foodie' I enjoy feasting and merriment with anyone and everyone, and write prose and poetry just for fun and fellowship.

Having founded Jacksdale Jotters in May 2011, I take huge pleasure in the success of my fellow writers in this friendly and talented group.

I'm Tim Jones. I've been writing poetry on and off since 1994. I was Cambridge poetry champion in 2001. Married to Annette and living in Jacksdale. Responsible for the Jotters website.

Stella Wulf was born in England, grew up in North Wales and now lives in France with her husband and a menagerie of animals. Always an avid reader, especially of poetry, the impetus to write came from an unlikely source. Having spent most of her adult life up to her oxsters in plaster and paint she found that the physical aspect of house restoration afforded plenty of time for rumination. One day, whilst painting up old doors and musing on their past lives, she had what she described as ‘a Eureka moment.’ The floodgates of imagination opened, she started to write and has never looked back. “You just never know what’s hidden away inside you,” Stella says.

Stella Wulf is the author of ‘The Song of the Froom,’ ‘The Lonesome Froom and other Strange Tales’ and ‘Rum Rhymes and Vagabond Verse.’

Married to Don, I have 5 children: Darran, Jane, Catherine, Louise, and Richard and 8 grandchildren: Amy, Brandon, Ryan, Danny, Jessica, Charlotte, Ethan and Violet Alice.

Educated at The Convent of Our Lady of Providence, Alton, Hampshire, I was part owner of a health shop for 3 years, and worked for the Department of Work and Pensions for 16 years until my retirement, when I joined the Eastwood Writers' Group and, with their encouragement, I began writing in earnest. I owe them so much for, without their help and support my book would never have been finished. Hobbies include gardening, singing in church choir, flower arranging, scrabble, and genealogy, having traced ancestors back to 1520.

My first novel 'Looking for Jamie' has been hailed as 'one of those books you can't put down'. The sequel 'A Dilemma for Jamie' was published early in 2013 and the third book in the series 'School for Jamie' in November. The fourth has been sent to the publishers, along with 3 other books, not linked to Jamie, but set in the same era.

Anni Smith - Conceived london 1954, developed in Bucks and Sydney 1972-84. Redesigned in Newcastle, connected in Notts. Prototype streamline tests in France 2012; fuselage modifications and highlights restructured. Final approach to lift off 2014...Back to drawing board for navigation systems recalibration for long range flight.

Writing style still a work in progress, but redolent of Clive James, with Germaine Greer looking over the shoulder, and richly spiced with gleeful wickedness.

I am Carole Duffin and retired now. I live in Ollerton village with my other half Vin. I have two daughters, two grandsons, two granddaughters and two dogs, Jasmine and Molly. At home I love my garden. We have a holiday home in Norfolk which we visit as often as possible.

I have always "scribbled". Short stories, anecdotes, poems. Nothing too heavy. I like humour, sometimes with a touch of pathos. Unusual people, quirky situations spur me to write.

My favourite book is Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amies. It never fails to make me laugh.

I'm Shirley McIntyre, I was born and bred in The Meadows, Nottingham and I've been married to Rob for 43 years - eek, how did that happen? We have two lovely daughters and 4 wonderful granddaughters. I've always been a bit of a wordsmith, but it's only been in recent years that I've had the time to focus on my writing.

I'm proud to say that with the help and encouragement from Jacksdale Jotters, Mike Wareham at the Tin Hat Centre, Selston, and members of the Eastwood Writers Group, I have a regular column in two local publications and other modest successes. I'm now working hard on an anthology of my work, with the invaluable assistance of Mike Biggs - Popolino Publishing.

I'm Barry Harper a retired Police Officer.  I worked for thirty-two years in Nottinghamshire Police and now work part-time for a Danish security company and teach primary school children about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and bullying. I am a keen sportsman and play the saxophone, and am learning the craft of writing stories that people will want to read.

I'm Sam Taylor a yorkshire born, pierced and tattoed freak who likes art, history and the great outdoors, and who lived in Bagthorpe for 20 years.

I'm Alfred Holt, I was born and raised in South London, I now live in Pinxton having retired five years ago. Before that, I trained and worked as a chef for twenty four years. I started writing four years ago, and tend to write romantic poetry and light hearted short stories.

A member of Jacksdale Jotters, and the Eastwood Writers Group,  I have been published in some local newspapers and magazines.

Hi I'm David Fisher. Working in IT and raising a family used to keep me busy, but I appreciate the freedom that comes with retirement. My days are now filled with DIY, cooking, horse racing, yoga, writing and anything else that I find of interest.

Hi, I'm Chris Rawlins. I'm a retired publisher from the academic world on both sides of the Atlantic, with a second home in Florida. I enjoy writing while not travelling or busy with other activities such as volunteer work, gardening at an allotment, watching sports events or doing grandparenting duties.

I'm Cindy Rossiter a successful Hucknall business woman for the last two decades running my own image consultancy,  my feet are firmly planted in reality and my head in the stars.  Lover of life,  I enjoy people,  poetry and prose, yoga, travel and interior design.

I'm Mike Wareham, I was an English teacher in East Midlands comprehensive schools for 33 years. Then I saw the light and started writing stories and poems instead, completing a degree in creative writing  at Nottingham University, which I found much more fun than marking! I still teach - film, creative writing and literature - but only to people who've left school. I love playing the guitar and singing Country and Blues.

I'm Nicola Crook, since moving to Selston I have gained a degree, a business, two grandchildren, good friends and the joy of writing. Add all this with the support of a loving husband and four fantastic children and I would say I'm a very lucky girl. In writing, I've found my freedom and voice.

I'm Dawn Raffle. I enjoyed working within and for the community for many years as a Scheme Manager in Sheltered Housing, until my retirement. I have always loved reading and now I have found the time to write stories for others to enjoy.