Raging Tantrum by Barry Harper

Waking suddenly, frightening shock

Hands, feet numb, shooting pains, freezing cold

Face matted with ice, woollen hat sticking to hair

Howling darkness, wretched, desolate

One eye frozen shut, other blurred,

Icy nostrils, frosty ears, eyebrows plastered

Constant dementing ear-splitting noise,

Deafening like homicidal gas turbine

Oversleeping, exhausted, fatigued

Frightening, no sun, no daylight

Horrific, catastrophic, apocalyptic

Out of routine

Bewildered, confused, disorientated

Not thinking straight, not in control

Quivering fingers thawing eyelids

Focussing, terror images

Surrounded by tempestuous turbulence

Sides of tent, furiously bowing

Poles violently bending, distorting, twisting

Canvas spraining, straining

Ocean crunching, creaking, grinding

Sound of sinister undercurrents thundering upwards

Gale battered Ice

Raging cold black water

Panicking, grabbing clothing, torch

Spine-chilling wind whistling

Minus thirty-five degrees, brutal windchill

Struggling from frosty sleeping bag

Material creaking like taut cardboard

Body stiff, aching, struggling to feet

Trembling with acute cold, painful to breathe

Shock, stockinged feet on cold vibrating ice

Thermal underwear, body exposed

Biting chill, fearing frostbite

Stressing, tasting adrenalin, smelling anxiety

Scent of sea salt and iodine buffeting in wind

Irrationally opening bulging zip door

Fiercely burst open

Blasted off feet, hard fall, unforgiving ice,

Manic maelstrom

Flurrying sharp wind-blown ice

Excruciating pain,

Squinting through doorway

Riotous assembly

Snow billowing menacingly

Ferocious icescape demonic swirling

Dark, angry, cobalt and gunmetal grey

Merciless hurricane strength

Snow and ice whipped in whirlwind of vicious frenzy

All hell braking loose

Hostile cracks, dark water splashing

Nature voraciously devouring herself

Hyperventilating, terrorised, victimised

Fighting with door, drained, quaking, pathetic

Feeling naked, powerless, insignificant

Resignedly crawling into sleeping bag

Eerie, unnatural, heavy atmosphere

Torrential abuse

Pleading ice not to break

Lethargy, energy draining from cold feeble body

Begging Freya for compassion

Memories, weeping, regrets, sadness

People, places, opportunities lost

Feelings slowly slipping away

Life hanging limply by thread

Praying for survival

Mother Earth with raging tantrum