These things I have loved


Thoughts bursting with rich imagery

Scratching of gold nib on beige vellum

Tastebuds exploding, warm woody single malt

Fireside glow, sepia light and rose tinted spectacles

Feeding the soul with memories of

These things I have loved:

Breathtaking surprise, pink and purple sunrise

Morning dew drip dripping from dark green leaves

Fingernails gliding on sheer hoar frost

Intricate webs hanging from dawns soft light

Bluebell carpets clustered in woody glade

Water coloured prismatic rainbows cheering cloudy skies

Radiant rainfall disturbing arboreal aromas

Trekking lush verdant cloud forests

Gaping from granite, lilac gentian

Vivid fields of oilseed rape and poppies

Rambling dusty footpaths in dappled sunlight

Sun drenched wheat swaying on warm breeze

Waves lazily lap lapping on blissful sandy beaches

Red Palm fronds swishing under azure skies

Plopping the undisturbed meniscus of a mill pond

Bitter sweet perfume of pine needles

Damp gravel path, scrunching crunching

Rustling in wind, copper, mustard and russet leaves

The homely, bitter, blue smoke of log fires

Blankets of fresh snowfall on quiet hamlets

Aurora, dancing green gossamer twists

Mystical yellow hue of an Arctic dusk

Sharp silhouette of pine trees against winter skies

Crimson and burgundy sunsets

Blue moon beaming wearing frosty halo

Stars shinning like sparkling diadems, each

With a myriad of shimmering colours

The silent comfort of black night sky

These things I have loved

Soft sound of pen placed on lace mat

Fresh smell of linen pillows

Peaty aftertaste of Ardbeg

Darkness, relaxed sensation of closed eyes

Contemplation of comfortable undisturbed sleep

But knowing that fresh thoughts will disturb it

Is this reality or just another memory?

These things I have loved....

Barry Harper