Who am I?

I am a butterfly, fluuuuttering by,
in the warm dappled sunlight, displaying
my pretty bright red nautical patterns,
hoping not to be an easy meal.


I am a buzzzzing bee, helping others,
with yellow pollen striped across my legs,
nourishment for those that require it
I feel great sorrow for all in need.


I am a colourful blue hummmmming bird,
always restless waiting for something new
a relentless, busy paradox
working hard at everything I do.


I am a lark, a fledgling, flying freeeee
avoiding life's complex conformity
constantly seeking to be different,
still wanting to be me... and not my twin.


I am a rapturous eagle soooaaaring
high on the thermals in the cornflower
blue sky, my head full of fluffy white clouds
and uncomplicated avian thoughts.


I am a snoooowy white March hare, bouncing
about optimistically from copse
to meadow, boxing fresh and writing wrong.

When, oh when, will it be time to slow down?


Who am I?

Why of course,

I am me………