Polemic by Mike


In praise of bacon, the bringer of peace.





Lusciousness incarnate,

Golden, sweet, delicious,

With curling, crisp extremities,

Firm fleshed, divine, lubricious.


Pinnacle of prime produce,

Makes joyful tastebuds tingle,

Salt and smoke, warm fat and juice

In perfect passion mingle.


Bacon, bringer of deep joy,

We celebrate with pleasure,

Was ever such a precious gift

Bought with so little treasure?


Such things of pure transcendent worth

Are proof that heaven's here on Earth.


Imagine if you can the joy that bacon could bring to Christian, Hindu, Jew and Muslim alike, if only they would get over themselves and their miserable, introverted religious focus. Guilt, sin, uncleanliness, forbidden this and holy that; it goes on, and on and on, and it is at

once profoundly boring and pointless, and dangerous in extremis.


Everyone with even the tiniest spark of intelligence knows perfectly well how to live a proper and decent life. They don't need a bunch of deranged sexual misfits with a power complex to tell them. Neither do they need invisible, omniscient but not omnipotent superior 'beings' to worship.

Who do these posturing people think they are?


Don't worry about any profound purpose. What greater purpose can there be than to live your life as well as you can, ever mindful of these few sound principles:


Worship your spouse, and children, with a firm, tolerant and forgiving but robust realism. Seek and promote their happiness, which will bring your own, but never at the expense of another's. Think before you act. Think again. Try hard to be the best you can be. Think again. Love your friends as well as you are able. When you fail, be penitent enough to do better next time. Laugh long and

often. Always fulfill your duty, whatever it may be.


Be kind, as generous as you can, and enjoy the moment. Do what you please, as long as it injures or takes from no-one. Enjoy the world, and care for it as the source of your being. Take care of you and yours. Help those you can. Seize the day.


This advice is universally applicable, and what a relief it would be if we were rid of priests and their

mumbo-jumbo, their controlling schemes and institutions, and the whole paraphernalia of formal phantasmagoria. What finer celebration of life, the universe and everything is there than a bacon sandwich?


Embrace bacon, not burkahs and Bibles, and stop being so bloody full of yourselves!


Let the universe unfold as it will, and enjoy the ride, and whilst you're about it, I'll have another slice of crispy Gloucester Old Spot dry-cure bacon on a fresh white sourdough roll, with

lashings of butter and bacon fat. Ta very much. Bless you.


Mike Biggs, July 5th, 2015