Thanks a Fortune


‘It was going to be ‘one of those days’, Paul thought to himself. He was awake by 6.30 am and already planning his day. He was busy with work which meant running around to domestic clients as well as commercial ones. Why did so many people need roof repairs? Paul was amazed that last week’s storm had caused so much damage, though it was good for his business.

During the afternoon he would be dashing around with their three children. His adorable wife, Louise, was a hospital nurse who today had an eight-hour afternoon/evening shift. This would result in the kids needing collecting from school, taking to various activities and parties, and then on to Louise’s parents – Granny and Grandpa. There, they would all spend the night and be joined by Louise after her work finished around 9.00 pm.

Paul was exhausted by the time he brought all three children back from their fun events to Louise’s parents. Once he was inside their house, he flung his anorak into the hall cupboard before collapsing onto their sofa. Mercifully, Granny and Grandpa had the children fed and safely in bed, well before Louise arrived at 10.00 pm.

“Hello, darling,” shouted Paul. “Did you have a good day at work?”

“Yes, thank you dearest, but all the normal stuff. No serious accidents or admissions. How was your day?”, asked Louise.

“Oh, fine. I got through five jobs and have enough work in hand for a month, thanks to the storm last week. So that will help pay the bills.”

“But have you checked today’s winning lottery numbers?” asked Louise. “If we won something from that, you wouldn’t have to work so much or rely on Mother Nature, and I could work part-time.”

“Good reminder. The tickets are in the pocket of my anorak which I threw into the hall cupboard. I’ll go and check.”

Paul went out to the hall and came back screeching: “Oh, my God, it’s not there! Where the hell is it?”

Louise’s mother came into the lounge from the kitchen on hearing Paul screech: “Oh, I didn’t recognize it as ours, Louise’s, or the kid’s, so I threw it out into the dustbin. It’s beside the front gate and due for collection early in the morning.”

Paul raced out the front door and returned a few minutes later with his anorak.

“Thank God it was still there – with the ticket still in the pocket and we might have won a fortune. Please, don’t do that again.”

“So sorry, Paul. What are your numbers?”

“5 – 15 – 21 – 29 – 33”, replied Paul.

“Oh, my gosh,” Louise shouted. “I have just checked today’s results and we have WON!!!!”

“How much?” asked Paul as he hugged Louise.

“Only about $380,000. Thanks, Mum. We don’t tend to check every day because we are so busy working and looking after the kids.”

“Thanks for having the kids and us today,” said Paul to Louise’s Mum. “And, thanks a fortune, for throwing my anorak out. If you hadn’t, we probably wouldn’t have bothered to check today’s winning numbers!”


By Chris Rawlins

November 2013